Toe Corn – a little beast of burden.

Posted on June 12th, 2010, by admin

If you have a toe corn, or likely several maybe, the above is not likely to be your reaction to this unappealing topic heading. A toe corn is usually very noticeable indeed to those who must bear the burden of constant foot-related pain and discomfort. A response to the environment, the toe corn is produced when skin cells perform rapid duplication in an area where the skin surface is constantly being worn and abraded. For instance many high-heeled shoes force the toes into a less than favorable shape, and then compress the toes even further and the body’s centre of gravity focuses on convergent shoes. These poor toes have no chance of escaping harm. When walking, the whole process puts enormous tension on the skin at the sides of the toes as they struggle to remain in-shoe.

A Toe Corn is Born
The constant stretching back and forth causes either a blister to form and/or a toe corn. Shoes that have previously blistered the toes, and then repeatedly worn, will often cause a corn to appear. As the skin cannot keep blistering without significant damage, a healed blister can form the basis for a corn as the scar tissue produced from a blister is thicker than real skin. The constant rubbing then encourages rapid skin cell growth; hence a toe corn is born!

Once developed a toe corn can range from a small irritant, to a full body-hobbling disability. Getting to them soon and treating them effectively can prevent chronic problems such as these. Waiting until a corn is large and painful can often mean medical attention, the associated costs and a longer recovery. Attending to them yourself before this happens is good advice to take.

Cut it out?

Not unless you are a masochist and certainly do not let anyone not medically qualified to do so either! The way to remove a corn without causing infection or pain is;

· Use an abrasive to gently “sand away’ the dead skin

· Make sure you stop before damaging live skin cells.

· Sterilize all implements before using them

· Clean all abraders such as Pedi-eggs etc… after use

· Apply a topical skin softener to help loosen dead skin

· Apply hot water to the area – have a bath, shower, or just a bowl of hot water to put your feet in

· Use a bactericide to ensure you don’t get unwanted infections in the target area.
Blades are not to be used except by professional practitioners. Cutting into live tissue can cause a whole range of problems, including infection and disease. The only safe way is to use over-the-counter implements and creams.

But there are many available products to help you resolve your toe corn problems through Amazon and many other online pharmacies and stores. So having a toe corn doesn’t mean you having to put up with it! You can take action now and remove that little beast of burden.