Painful Callus – Get rid of it!

Posted on June 12th, 2010, by admin

A Callus is a hardened area of the skin from repeated pressure and friction. A painful callus can result from leaving the callus unattended for a period of time. Calluses on feet are a common condition on women from wearing tight-vamp shoes. If you will not change your shoes and if you will not get it treated as quickly as possible you can end up suffering from a very painful callus. Why suffer, if you can get rid of them easily, especially during the early period of formation. If it was formed from tight shoes the solution to get rid of it is to wear more comfortable shoes.

A Painful callus may be harmless; however, can sometimes lead into other skin problems like skin infection or skin ulceration. Dancers and runners are the people who are most susceptible to form calluses on feet due to frequent movement of their feet. Unfortunately, the dancers and runners who have painful calluses will find it hard to perform well. The simplest and quickest solution to this situation is an extra-soft silicone pad. The extra-soft silicone pad, not only gives comfort for your feet to move but it also helps cure your calluses. Choose a shoe that will allow space for your feet breath and does not restrict them like sardines.

Women who have flat feet hide it from wearing tight shoes, which is a wrong concept. They keep wearing it even it means continual suffering of a painful callus. Different fashion-styled shoes have different impact to the person who wears it. If you have a flat feet there are more suitable styles to wear other than a tight shoes. Why not try an open-toe shoe with peep-toe pump? It is a classy, yet sexy shoe, and very comfortable to wear. In order to avoid a painful callus from forming, choose the best suitable design for your feet and not only because you like it.

Soak and scrub your feet regularly, it will slowly ease and cure a painful callus. A mixture combination of salicylic acid, Epsom salt, and vinegar in warm water is the most effective and common way of getting rid of your calluses on feet. Patience is needed as the curing period may take a few weeks to months. And if you are in the treatment process, make sure that you wear the appropriate shoes for your feet. The treatment will not take effect, if every day you still wear the same tight shoe that causes it. The kind of shoe you wear is the biggest factor that causes it to appear.

So to reiterate, keep in mind that a very painful callus is caused by frequent rubbing and foot friction. Do not leave it unattended, instead treat it as earliest as possible or as soon as you spot that hard skin is forming. Soaking your feet with Epsom salt, vinegar, and salicylic acid in warm water will cure it, but never forget to choose the appropriate shoe design for your feet, not only for fashion sense but most importantly to avoid calluses on your feet from reoccurring. And finally, never forgot that “Prevention is always better than cure.”