Callus removal – How to do it at home!

Posted on June 12th, 2010, by admin

Callus removal is something that can be done at home. There are many ways that you can look into getting rid of the calluses that have been bothering you. Callus removal can be done with very little to no pain. With technology many of the callus removal choices have gotten better too. Do these at home, or even head to see your doctor to get those foot calluses taken care of.

Products that are offered over the counter for callus removal range in many varieties that are all very good quality. Like the creams that you can buy to help remove those calluses. They are quite simple to use, simply applying them to your foot or just the callus according to directions. Getting that callus removed quicker is sometimes possible by applying the cream more than once a day.

Callus removal is done in many other ways too. Like filing the calluses down with those nail filers that you buy. In saying this though you should remember that a callus should never be cut off. This can lead to you harming your feet, so if you want it down, file or use another method of removal.

Some people may choose the option of surgery to get rid of a callus too. But this should only be considered in a more serious case. Place pads that go in between your toes and under the toes, it can help in reducing the development of a callus.

Another good idea when you are suffering from a callus is to make sure that the shoes you are wearing are comfortable. This may mean that you are going to need to wear shoes that are wider or larger than normal.

A very simple to perform home remedy for the foot callus is the mixture of borax soap powder, bran and iodine in some warm water. You can use this as a soak for your feet each day. Keep your feet in this mixture for about 20 minutes for the best results.

At times the best choice for a foot callus will be to head to see a doctor about the problem though. Making sure that you get their advice and help in the removal of that callus could be something that will help you prevent the development of more calluses in the future.

The main point to keep in mind with a callus is that they will normal be a way that the body is defending itself. When you have a lot of friction or rubbing on one area it will create the corn to help protect the spot. In many instances you will be told to leave the callus alone if it isn’t causing you pain. Because there are times that you could be opening your body up to an infection if you do not try to remove it correctly.